Nixie knows a good dive instructor is the foundation for any quality scuba diving experience. As such, you are what the diver relies on most.

Our Keep-in-Touch system will put you strides ahead of other instructors working solo.
Signing up with Nixie as an instructor (pending endorsement from your certifying association) will provide you with your own personal security code, allowing you to sign your divers’ logbooks online. As for group dives, you have the convenience of logging the dive once and automatically reflecting it to all group members with a simple click. Gaining instant access to dive centers around the world, as well as a global database of first-time and professional divers enables you to keep your finger on the pulse, highlighting your essential role as an integral part of a new worldwide diving ecosystem.

By providing you with the tools to keep diving administration to a minimum, Nixie helps you do what you’re best at.

With Nixie, managing dives has never been easier.

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