Planning a dive? Looking for exciting new underwater sites? Want to find a buddy, a dependable instructor or reliable dive center with good equipment?
 Wish you could travel paperless?

With Nixie, you can do ALL this and more.

Our all-in-one app caters for each and every diver, allowing you access to all the information you need – recommendations, ratings, photos and notes, from divers just like you, who want to get the best from their diving experience. Browse through your buddies’ logbooks to discover new dive sites, trusted instructors and great tips. Nixie’s online logbook gives you the freedom to log your dives when and where you want – in a local restaurant, your hotel room or back home – and get them signed electronically by your buddy, instructor or dive center. If you’re in a hurry, your buddy can log your dive for you, and receive the same favour in return. And less time spent on formalities leaves more time for you to enjoy yourself. Build up your own dive library, with access to all your past dives along with a media album of your best shots to share with others – or to keep for your own personal enjoyment. It’s your call. Stay in touch with your buddies – old and new – at the click of a button. And remember, being connected with instructors, divers and dive centers around the world allows you to become part of a global diving network, giving you all the benefits that go with it.

Nixie makes diving easy.

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