Manage your dives with Nixie’s perfect dive log.

With your Nixie dive log you can get your dives stamped by all instructors, guides, buddies and dive centers you choose to dive with. Your certification will be approved by your certifying association and your dives will be saved electronically and be available for you on-line. You can even create a photo album with the pictures you took from each dive.

Logging a dive and getting it stamped is fast and easy and takes only few seconds. You can log your dive whenever you like; when you’re still wet from the dive or after you got home and rested.
Your buddy or instructor can even share a dive with you, and save you the time to log it yourself. All you need to do is to confirm a dive and it already signed in your dive log.

Planning a dive? Looking for new sites to dive in?  Searching for dive center or instructor?
With Nixie it is easy to find the information you are looking for and all in one place with recommendations and pictures from other divers and dive centers.

We encourage sharing, but we value your privacy, if you choose not to share your logbook it will remain privet.

With Nixie, diving has never been easier.

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