About Nixie


Nixie’s online logbook system is the only one of its kind in the world to be officially recognized.

Our online logbook was developed to streamline your entire dive process. From preparing for your dive to sorting out the admin afterwards. Had enough of carting around your logbook, getting it all wet or discovering you left it at home?

With Nixie, you can log your dives electronically and get them signed by your instructor or dive center anywhere, any time. 24/7. No more standing around dripping wet in long lines. Simply go online. Whether it’s from your hotel room, a restaurant or the comfort of your own home.

Want to find an amazing new dive site where the underwater life is truly spectacular and the beaches really golden? Information you can trust is at your fingertips, logged by divers like you, looking for a guaranteed great experience. And as for finding out about diving attractions anywhere in the world – Nixie publishes a global list of dive centers, whom once you add to your dive center page will be able to inform you of all their latest events and activities. Such as seasonal shoals passing through, courses or special get-togethers.

Create your own photo library by uploading all your best shots – to be enjoyed privately or shared with your buddies. Because our Nixie staff appreciates that everyone is different and have installed privacy settings, allowing you to choose exactly what you’d like to share.

It’s all at the click of a button.
With Nixie, diving has never been easier. Or more fun.


Join a world-wide web of divers and have the chance to connect with buddies, instructors and dive centers globally. With you, we can build a diving ecosystem that’s both environmentally and user-friendly.

By joining Nixie, you gain access to the kind and quality of information you could never find solo. We incorporate all levels of the diving industry, giving you instant access to a range of

Using Nixie’s online logbook enables you to log your own dives as well as that of a buddy, if she or he is out of time, and then get the favour returned. It allows instructors to log group dives in one go, and by reducing their admin gives them more time for what they’re really good at. as a diver, you can manage your personal list of instructors and dive centers, bookmarkte your favorite dive sites and best of all…. share the information with your buddies.

Together, we can become a dive community set to suit everyone’s diving needs.
With Nixie, diving has never been easier.


At Nixie, we see ourselves as an integral part of the diving and marine ecosystem, and do what we can to make a positive impact on the environment. 100% paperless and eco-friendly, Nixie is committed to donating a percentage of our revenue to local research, preservation and educational project that help protect our oceans.